Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Void Radio | Ben and Lex | 08/09/08 | Download

Void Radio | Ben and Lex | 08/09/08 | Download

Jungle-tastic on Void radio this time. Loads of Planet Mu and Rephlex crazy mental core for your enjoyment :)

01. Ben Westbeech & Die 'Get Closer (Rockers Remix)' [Brownswood Recordings]
02. Shitmat Badman Ballad' [Planet Mu]
03. Tipper 'Sort Code' [Higher Ground]
04. AFX 'Mangle 11 (Circuit Bent V.I.P. Mix)' [Rephlex]
05. Braintax 'Speak Your Mind' [Low Life Records]
06. M.I.A. 'Paper Plane (DFA Remix)' [Interscope]
07. Jega 'Manic Minor' [Planet Mu]
08. Aphex Twin 'Bucephalus Bouncing Ball' [Warp]
09. Lawgivers 'Passion (Ils Remix)' [Botchit and Scarper]
10. Point Blank 'Eternally (ยต-Ziq Remix)' [Planet Mu]
11. Sabres Of Paradise 'Tow Truck (Depth Charge Remix)' [Warp]
12. Brothomstates 'Adozenaday' [Warp]
13. Burial 'U Hurt Me' [Plant Mu]
14. Equinox 'Acid Rain VIP' [Plant Mu]
15. Loefah 'Mud V.I.P.' [Planet Mu]
16. Equinox 'Do U Understand Me' [Planet Mu]
17. PP Roy ' In At The Beep End' [Rephlex]
18. Darqwan 'Raisin Kane' [Passenger]
19. Bug & Daddy Freddy 'Run The Place Red (AFX Mix)' [Men]
20. Tipper 'Led Down (Radioactive Man Mix)' [Higher Ground]
21. Jega 'Musical Chairs' [Planet Mu]
22. Nathan Fake 'Grandfathered' [Border Community]
23. Verve 'She's A Superstar' [Hut]